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Thoughts on voting in 2016

United States of America Election Day. Vote badges. Voting.People vote for all kinds of reasons.  I’ve come to learn that fact over the years.  But, I’ve been really amazed to see so many do all kinds of mental gymnastics to justify their vote this year, especially those who voted for a presidential candidate of the two major parties.

I know my way of voting is not the same for everyone else.  I get that.  I respect your right to vote and your ability to form your own opinion.  But I just don’t see how anyone can justify voting for the presidential nominee of the two major political parties in the 2016 election.  Perhaps my idea of voting is a bit too romantic, I don’t know.  When I vote, first and foremost,  have to see the person who I’m voting for.  Who is this person?  What are their values?  These values don’t necessarily have to match mine exactly, but I need to know that my vote is going for someone who at their core values things like: honesty, integrity, respect for others,  and a love for constitutional principles.  If we don’t get these basic fundamental qualities in a candidate, what do we have left?  I have to see these things first, before I see party affiliation, issues they support or any other factor.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve never seen two more poorly qualified candidates than we have now representing the two major political parties.  Neither come anywhere close to meeting my value conditions.  Donald Trump is a narcissist.  This alone is a very dangerous quality to possess while at the same time holding great power.  He is a proven misogynist.  He clearly has used dishonest tactics to get ahead in business and make money.  Remarkably, has been completely frank and candid about who he is this entire race.  Yet, despite these very glaring and troublesome characteristics, people will happily vote for him.  I ask sincerely, “Will he simply stop being who he is once he is cloaked in the considerable power of the United States Presidency?”  It is dangerous to put power in hands of one like him.

Then there is Hillary Clinton.  A lifetime politician who has been proven over and over again to have colluded with law enforcement and foreign entities, accepted large sums of money from corporations and foreign persons that were intended to gain favors and access while she was Secretary of State.  She has taken millions of dollars from Wall Street companies where she has said what they wanted to hear contrary to her own party’s platform.  She is bought and paid for.  She is everything that is wrong with the current state of politics in the United States.  She has been shown to disregard the laws of the country with this recent email scandal, purposefully destroying evidence after a subpoena. Just think about that for a moment.  She does not meet my standard of honesty and integrity.  Again, I ask, “Will she suddenly stop being who she has proven to be once she is clothed in the mantel of the presidency?”  I think not.  We will get more of the same.

When you vote for a candidate, you are voting for them and all that they bring.  You are not voting for Hillary just because she is a woman and would break a long awaited glass ceiling.  You are not voting just for the repeal of Obamacare if you vote for Trump.  If you vote for Trump, you are not doing so just to avoid a Hillary presidency.  You are not merely voting to support a party.  No, you are voting for everything in that candidate, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Look, I get it.  No candidate is perfect.  I’m not looking for that.  But, I think that one has to consider the big picture and see the candidates for who they are and demand, through our votes and through our participation, that people hold up values that will represent us and that will protect us.  The two party system has failed us this election cycle by offering two poor choices.  There are consequences with elections and the responsible party is us, the people, for putting them there.

I voted for a third part this year for president.  I consider myself a conservative minded individual, but I voted for some Democrats as well.  We must get out of our silo thinking regarding party and issues.  We don’t vote for parties.  We don’t vote for issues.  We vote for people.  And we must take great care to ensure that those we vote for have as high of a moral fiber and as we can find.  In my humble opinion, voting for an issue or a parry or any other thing, without considering the person is shallow and irresponsible thinking.

There.  I finally got that off my chest and can now happily go about my Wednesday.