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Our Montana Dream

Our Montana Dream

In August 2016, we started a new adventure.  Ever since a fly fishing trip to Missoula nearly 10 years ago, Heidi and I have talked about moving to Montana.  I always thought it was a retirement thing, but circumstances have changed to allow us to make the dream come true a little earlier than I thought.  This page will document our journey toward our Montana Dream.

A view across the lower pasture to Squaw Peak and the Reservation Range

A Place to Live and Curious Coincidences

Winter still has its icy grip on northwestern Montana, though things have begun to slowly thaw. Our little stream is ...
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Moved in – Sort of

The last 3-4 weeks have been a little crazy in our family. This is the first chance I have had ...
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A Huge Step Forward

It was empty. A shell of what it was for the last little more than 11 years. It was quiet ...
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Our Montana Dream Begins…

Several years ago, I took Heidi on a fly fishing trip to Missoula, MT. I've always loved fly fishing and ...
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